5 minute drum rescue

You can easily improve your drumming with just 5 minutes every day!

This is something I’ve been advertising for years without having a name for it. Now I stumbled across the FlyLady’s “5-Minute Room Rescue” and realized this is what I’ve been telling my students for so long but in a single phrase. The idea is to not expect everything to happen at once but rather chip away at the task one tiny bit at the time till you’ve reached your goal – you run a marathon 1 step after the other. Just focus on each step rather than all the steps at once! So set a kitchen timer to 5 minutes and work on your drumming in a deliberate way until the time is up. DONE! Feel free to practice longer but really if you don’t feel like it don’t go on after the 5 minutes! This will create a very successful practice routine that you’ll feel good about after all it’s 5 minutes we all can do that EVERY day.

When my younger students (6-10) come to their lesson and tell me they simply had no time at all to practice I always tell them to practice drums during the commercial breaks when they are watching Simpsons (insert your favorite comic or TV series here). They watch that at least once a day and it’s great to get them started. Sometimes they forget about the comic all together and just keep drumming even better ­čÖé GO PRACTICE set a timer to 5 minutes or use the timer function of the┬áTempo┬ámetronome app. Start today and do it every day. You’ll be surprised about your progress!

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