5 minute drum rescue

You can easily improve your drumming with just 5 minutes every day! This is something I’ve been advertising for years without having a name for it. Now I stumbled across the FlyLady’s “ 5-Minute Room Rescue ” and realized this is what I’ve been telling my students for so long but in a single phrase. The idea is […]

mirror mirror on the wall

This is a two sided message: PRACTICE IN FRONT OF A MIRROR. It’s an easy to arrange practice setup that will propel your practice results. Simply by putting a mirror in front (and ideally on the the side) of yourself give you a lot of information about your posture and execution of your exercises – […]

thoughts on practicing

ACHIEVE WHAT YOU ARE AIMING FOR (this goes for anything really) there are a couple things that can help you along the way: First of all you should have a passion or desire to learn and improve and/or curiosity on how this works. IF YOUR GOAL IS STRONG ENOUGH YOUR WAY THERE BECOMES THAT MUCH […]