michael hartenberger – singer/songwriter with a californian spirit and big heart who appreciates my triangle playing

sound drifters – handmade music with a retro vibe reliving the golden ages of pop, rock and reggae

taft funk – stripped down to the bare minimum two voices a guitar and percussion going all unplugged or full monty this is where I gets to rock the cajon kit


alpen-adria-universität – basically grew up here long before I started  studying here feels like home

KONSE – kärnter landeskonservatorium – very formative experiences and memories

LACM – los angeles collage of music – (we still called it LAMA) great bunch of people and lots of knowledge to gain

musikschulen des landes kärnten – my first learning experience and now it’s my pleasure to teach at this institution and talk music and drums with my students all week (bad eisenkappel – schiefling – st. kanzian – velden)


alex kabasser – finger style guitar monster

aram zarikian – it’s all about groove

all you can beat – cool online drum magazine

barnette records – mastermind rob bargad the world is a better place with rob on a hammond b3

bruno justi – great musician and photographer, creative design genius and a hell of a guy

christian herbst – passionate with a big heart

die unvollendeten – the next level of folk/punk/jazz/classical/oriental/balkan music

dr. mike records – nice studio in the south of austria

drumsmith – drum forum where the world thinks drums

jerry watts jr. – everything he plays simply feels incredibly good plus jerry is  an unbelievably humble and caring human being

karen asatrian – he always has an exciting story to tell through his music

kira hooks – great singer/songwriter I’m proud to be a part of her journey

klemens marktl – almost as big a gear nut as i am with an endless drive to create music

matt starr – great musician, teacher and friend

michael erian – beautiful tone on the saxophone and lots to say

musikhaus hergeth – my local music store in the south of austria great service

oli rubow – the organic electro drummer from germany inspirational and super nice

reini schmoelzer – touch, feel and sound

richie klammer – at home in the arts and ever entertaining

rudi pravda – drumming partner in crime

sonor – great drums with tradition and soul had the pleasure of spending 2 month at the factory in germany

stephan emig – german drumming great and super nice guy

thomas kaefel – drumming phenomenon and great guy

tonc feinig – creative driving force in carinthia


efrain toro – mr. rhythm has the deepest understanding and command of all rhythm also check his

rhythm line institute iyeoka – she and her band won me over at a concert – spirit and energy a winning combination

john daversa – incredible musician, educator and visionary

joshua redman – so much energy and the power to capture the listener from the first note

kneebody – mind blowing

knower – awesome electronic project by genevieve artadi and drumming great louis cole

mister barrington – creative, electronic, very hip, live music -> go enjoy, listen and learn

professional drum shop – the first address when it comes to drums in los angeles you never know who you’ll run into